Real Madrid 2-0 Roma : about Sergio Ramos

Two weeks ago, Real Madrid qualified for the quarter finals of Champion’s League, beating Roma 2-0, again. Despite the final score, things weren’t easy for Los Merengues. Until Ronaldo scored the first goal of the game (64th), Roma had the best chances. Real Madrid tried (27 attempts until the 64th), but Roma had the most interesting shooting positions in the opponent’s zone.

They only lacked of one thing to endanger Real Madrid by taking the lead : realism. Dzeko (13th) and Salah (27th, 41st, 49th) missed big chances in front of the goal.


Roma’s (left) and Real’s (right) shots on goal.

A 0-0, les big chances du Real Madrid et de la Roma lors du match retour.

Big chances of Real Madrid and AS Roma on the second row between the kick-off and the first goal.

On the first row, Real Madrid had been far less worried by their opponents. When the scoreline was still 0-0, Roma had only had 4 shot’s opportunities in Los Blancos surface and no big chances.

However, this doesn’t mean that Real Madrid better defended on the first row. On that day, they had been carried by a world-class Ramos, cutting the Romans fast counter attacks.

The defender had finished the game with an almost perfect copy: 7/9 successful tackles, 2 interceptions, 5 clearances, 5 counters.

On the second row, he didn’t play at the same level and was always coming up too short on Roma’s big chances.

13th minute : Dzeko’s chance

This is the first big chance of the game for Roma. At first, they get the ball back near their own surface and rush to Real Madrid’s side, thanks to Salah’s pace, to end up giving it to Dzeko… who misses. On the first row, they had developed the same sequences, but they were stopped mostly by Sergio Ramos… that failed on the second row !


Roma gets the ball near their surface and Kroos and Marcelo are already eliminated. After a first pass on Salah, Pjanic faces the game and has enough time to raise his head.


Pjanic plays in the space for Perotti, who then gives it back quickly to Salah, already rushing, with Bale nearby.


Seeing Sergio Ramos about to react, Bale stops his effort and lets him and Modric follow Salah’s run…


Problem, Ramos misses his tackle and now Modric is facing Salah. In the center, Dzeko and El-Shaarawy are two-on-two against Pepe and Danilo.


Modric gets burned by Salah’s pace who then gets in the surface. Bale comes back but can’t stop him getting on his left foot, giving the ball to Dzeko.

49th : Salah’s chance

Once again, Roma gets the ball back in their own half. Sergio Ramos that lost the ball on this one (at the start) is now facing Salah again. This time, his tackle works, but he can’t keep the ball… which allows the Egyptian to be alone in front.


Ramos loses the ball, Florenzi gets it and gives it to Salah, between Marcelo and James.


Ramos is then the only one able to stop Salah’s run.


He touches the ball but can’t grasp it, which therefore goes back in the axis.


And Dzeko’s faster than Danilo to get it and give it back to Salah, facing Navas, alone.

In a perfect night for its fans, Roma could have lead 2-0 after the 50th minute and then, on aggregate, it was a draw.

On these actions, Sergio Ramos couldn’t fix the collectives mistakes (he looses the ball on the second action, but we can question Marcelo and James positioning at first). On this game, the stats are not in his favour : 3/6 successful tackles, far from his world class performance on the first row.


On the left, Ramos’ dashboard on the second row. On the right, Ramos’ dashboard on the first row. Green cross : successful tackle. Orange cross : failed tackle. Diamond : interception. Green circle : successful clearance. Orange circle : failed clearance. Grey bar : counter.

On Ramos’ 4 missed tackles in 180 minutes, 3 ended up on goal opportunities for Roma. On the 4th one (42nd, second row), the defender was lucky Casemiro was here to slow down Salah and allow him to come back, so he could tackle the ball and give a throw-in for Roma.


Salah is running (once again), Ramos tries to stop him but is outrunned.


Gladly, Casemiro is covering, instead of Modric that was burned by Modric. He slows down Salah.


Even though the Brazilian ends up being outrunned, his work bought enough time for Ramos to come back and tackle the ball.

Ramos’ performances over 180 minutes are highlighting the current state of Real Madrid’s team. Offensively and defensively, it relies too heavily on individual quality to be viable on top level. The last sequence with Casemiro also shows the important role that could have the Brazilian midfielder in the next steps of Champion’s League.

Credits to PM for the translation.
Original link here : Real Madrid 2-0 AS Rome : Sergio Ramos, symbole d’une défense exposée

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